Thursday, November 29, 2012

EjectaGL : Quick Update - Basic texture support

Quick Update - Basic texture support has been hacked into EjectaGL.

Here is a super quick (hence the bad lighting, bad finger smudges and bad everything - like all my videos) demo of port of Lesson06 from

To make up for the absence of keyboard the zoom is controlled by tilting the device(which Ejecta nicely supports). Touching the screen toggles between the different filtering options.

I have tried to show the effect of Mipmaps which is the main part of Lesson06 (Open in youtube for bigger size video to actually see the difference)

If at all you want to give it a spin, be warned that I've pretty much stuck to implementing the APIs needed for the lessons for now. I just haven't gotten around to typing all the binding yet. Feel free to jump in and add some of them.