Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making a game with Keita Takahashi at Funomena

I can finally talk about the super exciting stuff that I've been working on in the past few months!

I have been helping Keita Takahashi's prototype his next big game!! Along the way we joined forces with Robin Hunicke  and Martin Middleton of Funomena. Robin and Martin worked on Journey before they formed Funomena as an independent game studio. 

So today Robin and Keita announced the game at Horizon - the first year of indie press conference in parallel to E3. Here is the short Q&A of the game at Horizon and here is the blog post at Funomena.

Now that I've gotten the basic info and links out of the way - I am so excited about this coming together!!!

This all started at the Babycastles Summit last year when the folks at Babycastles asked me to help out implementing one of Keita's ideas for the summit - Marioball. We kept in touch and one day he asked me whether I can help him prototype an idea and that's what we have been doing since then. (The full story in a later post maybe as we reveal more stuff about the game).

I just want to end this post saying this - Collaborate and do amazing stuff!! I used to sit in a room and try to make games on my own and I wasn't getting anywhere. As soon as I started collaborating with various people amazing things started to happen. And it has finally led to this.

A new adventure begins.

(Keita's concept art of the Mayor and his Deputies celebrating)