Thursday, November 3, 2011

go away, norman

Back from the dead. After two exciting years find myself in a different job and New York. A new start. Hopefully will not ignore my game creation itch this time.

It got rebooted thanks to the amazing folks at Babycastles and Parson school of design, who organized a game jam about a week ago.

Teamed up with the amazing geejay who handled everything from art to sound to level design as I floundered to finish the game code in 48 hours. I knew writing code from scratch in a game jam was bad idea - but I didn't have time to prepare on anything else. So just Javascript and HTML5 canvas it was. Spent a stupid amount of time on the collision detection. If I did it again I would probably just figure out some engine with basic collision detection before the game jam.

The theme of the game jam was any tweet from @Horse_ebooks and we picked "Solution to Cat behavior problems" and "It will catch up with you". So here it is our game - "go away, norman"

You can play it here.

We are continuing to work on it - Expect a more official release soon...

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